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“Our Team” is where you’ll get to know the heartbeat of our Barnett Multimedia. Meet the individuals who drive our mission forward with dedication and expertise. From our vision to our team’s collective commitment, we’re here to share our story and values with you. Discover the faces behind the brand and learn how we’re working tirelessly to serve and make a difference in your world.

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Kate Barnett

Kate was born and raised north of Atlanta in Alpharetta, GA. Kate is the oldest of three girls in her family, and she discovered her talent and passion for art in all mediums at an early age. Although she is skilled with brush and pencil, photography became her passion in high school. After high school, Kate continued her journey in photography while attending Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, GA, and graduated from SCAD in 2004 with a BFA in Photography. During her undergraduate studies, she met Yuma, and they began a four-year relationship that turned into marriage in June of 2006.

Kate has a passion for darkroom and fine arts photography and prefers to haul around vintage cameras and film. She enjoys rolling up her sleeves and watching the images come to life in the calming dim lights of the darkroom.

In the spring of 2008, Kate and Yuma welcomed the first of their four children. Kate would have loved to pursue a career in photography, but with her husband’s demanding schedule and now a mother, art would wait. Kate filled the time she did have as a substitute teacher and discovered her second passion, art education. She went back to SCAD and received her Masters in Arts and Teaching in 2010.

Kate enjoys working in many different mediums. While photography is still her first love, she also enjoys experimenting with multiple art mediums and appreciates the juxtaposition of tactile materials versus photographic print. She loves to be in the classroom, working with children of all ages. When she is not in the classroom, she enjoys adventuring with her husband and four kids. Between being a busy wife and mom, she carves out time to cultivate her creative side.

Yuma Barnett

Yuma Barnett was born and raised on a cattle ranch in New Mexico. After high school, he left the mountain views of the great southwest and headed east to the pine forests of Georgia and Fort Benning. Yuma spent 20 plus years serving in the United States Army, assigned to the United States Army Special Operation Command’s 75th Ranger Regiment. Yuma spent the first part of his career in Savannah Georgia, and the 1st Ranger Battalion. While in Savannah, Yuma met Kate, and on the tenth of June 2006, they were married in historic Savannah. After completing his leadership assignments in Savannah, Yuma was selected by the 75th Ranger Regiment to represent the 75th and the Army with the 2nd Commando Regiment based in Sydney, Australia.

Yuma’s passion for photography and videography emerged while in the land down under. Under the instruction of Kate, Yuma honed his photography skills. Yuma and Kate shared the story of their Australian adventure by sending photos and videos back home to friends and family. After 19 short months, Yuma and his family departed Australia, made their way back to Georgia and moved back to where it all started, Columbus and Fort Benning.

Yuma’s passion for storytelling, photography, and videography continues today. Yuma understands the importance of collecting artifacts to tell his family’s story to his kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids. During this next phase of his life, he wants to help others collect those same artifacts. Yuma has changed his view from the scope of a rifle to the viewfinder of a camera. Time will not stop, but if only for a moment when he engages the camera’s shutter or presses the record button, the time has been captured. Captured for you to enjoy for a lifetime.

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